Time Management Tips for the (COVID-19) Holidays

Holidays frequently mean additional stress, and this year more than ever health (physical and mental) should be a factor in your holiday planning. We can implement holiday festivities during a pandemic—but it might require some creative thinking.

We tend to be more stressed when we are hustling to prepare at the last minute. This year, it may especially behoove us to get an early start. For example:

-Remember that many retail stores have closed, and those that have reopened could still be struggling to keep their inventory consistent. A few items might be backordered or in high demand due to complications from COVID-19. Allow plenty of time for online orders in case you are not able to find everything you need locally.

-Family members may not be in agreement as to how to approach holiday celebrations this year. Some might want to continue traditions as usual, while others may prefer to more strictly observe social distancing and isolation precautions. Start this discussion early with those involved so that there are no unexpected assumptions regarding travel arrangements or accommodations for out-of-town guests. Reach out to those who may be especially isolated, and consider how they can participate via phone, Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. For additional advice on hosting a holiday gathering see the CDC website.

-If you or members of your household are disappointed not to be traveling this year, think about ways that you can add activities to make staying home a little more exciting–maybe decorate differently or try arts & crafts projects that are new to you.

As a general rule, keep these mental health pointers from MedicineNet in mind when managing your holiday time: don’t try to do everything yourself (see “Why Do We Struggle with Delegation?”), limit your holiday-planning hours, keep your goals realistic, prioritize, have fun, and when you need to rest, don’t push yourself.

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