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Pend Upon

We are a lifestyle management company dedicated to assisting busy individuals in achieving equilibrium in their personal lives. For many of us, the luxury of having a personal assistant to handle tasks such as making calls, running errands, arranging dinner reservations, and coordinating travel plans is out of reach. Consequently, we often find ourselves attempting to tackle these responsibilities during weekends and lunch breaks, feeling the constraints of time.

Enter Pend Upon – our aim is to serve as the remedy to your time management challenges. Comprised of a team of efficient, reliable, and affordable professionals, we offer a solution to the perpetual struggle of fitting everything into your day. Instead of trying to cram more activities into your already hectic schedule, let Pend Upon assist you in rediscovering the balance between work and life.

About the Owner

Tess Gamble is the owner and creator of Pend Upon. After working in Corporate America for approximately 20 years, primarily in Human Resources, she made the decision to provide busy individuals the personal lifestyle management services she always desired. When the opportunity presented itself, it was an easy personal transition for her to utilize her human resources skills. These skills include being highly ethical, reliable, dependable, honest and having a balanced perspective in dealing with interpersonal relationships.